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In the last period Flutter gained quite a lot of interest. In case you never heard of it, Flutter is Google’s solution to build native multi-platform apps from a single codebase.

Flutter is created with the app UI as main priority, allowing developers to create beautiful native app with pixel-perfect experiences on both iOS and Android. Flutter apps run smoothly with beautiful animations and the development cycle is incredibly fast, thank to the hot reload feature which allows to see almost instantaneously any changes to the UI while developing.

While this framework is relatively new, there are already quite a lot of apps built using Flutter and the number is constantly growing.

On the 21st of January 2019, I gave an introduction talk about Flutter on a local meetup named Programmers in Padua.
This is a meetup whose members are involved with software development, both professionally, for passion or still studying it.
While the audience is not only mobile-centric, I thought that Flutter could be an interesting topic for this kind of event, especially considering the latest announcements about bringing Flutter to the web and desktop.

These are the slides for the presentation I gave:

And this is the recording (in Italian):